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Meet the team, our experts: Globally You started in the halls of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. A group of three students with all tracks of Master degrees – Conference Interpreting (CI), Translations and Interpretation (TI), and Localization Project Management (LPM) – got together with an IT engineering expert with the same ambition to provide the best service in the industry. This is how Globally You came to be. Together they offer not only superior services but also over 50 years of experience in areas such as Conference Interpreting, Translation, Education Related Language Services, IT Services and Support, Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, and more.


Ana María Nieda

Ana is a virtuoso of translation and interpretation. She began professional life as a ballerina. A doyen of the the highly technical and artistic, it was a logical leap into the world of linguistics for this polyglot in the languages of dance, music, and the spoken and written word.

She started in her new trade Solo, honing her skills as a freelancer on the global stage pirouetting from the techy interpretations to advert transcreation. This translated well for this master of nuance, earning her a chance to skipper a talented troupe as an LSP branch manager in Madrid. Her 20 years of experience and her ear for talent make her the prima ballerina rather than the fairy of TI. But you can call her the godmother of acquiring knowledge, with several MAs under her belt.

A registered teacher in her first metier, she trains the next generation of sugar plum fairies when she's not plying her trade in language services. She also somehow finds time to play music, travel, advocate for animal rights, and add new languages. She's truly bionic.


Chris Faber

Chris is a self made tech wizard and and CEO of the IT company that bears his name. He discovered his aptitude for computer technology in high school during the wild west of of the World Wide Web. He passed his N.E.W.T.S with flying colors, and unlike Neo, he read the binary on the wall and turned his command of code into a successful 20 year career in ITS.

At the helm of TechFaber, Chris continues to increasingly cement his brand as a household name. He's made it his business to stay relevant in the industry and is hip to rules and regulations. He's certainly mastered HIPAA regs and PCI compliance. That and he can make your IT woes disappear at the stroke of the key.

Chris never quite leaves the office, but when he does, he is committed to earning all of the ultra rare trophies for strategy games. It's a Far Cry, even for a master. If you challenge him to old school rap trivia, he will win. You will find Chris riding the wave of the future in a silver Tesla model S. Because EV and because Smart Mobility & Smart Cities are really a thing now and they think Tesla's are sexy. KITT thinks so too, just ask Chris.


Emma Aguilar

5 steps to becoming a Localization Guru.

How does one become a techy, language expert with a penchant for globetrotting, a fondness of pigs, and music in their blood?

One, your passion for traveling, language, and technology lead you to a career in the armed forces. It's the perfect storm where traveling, language and technology converge.

Two, build an impressive toolkit and genius out of the bottle thinking as you work the IT gig while dealing with computer networks, technology challenged IT department commanders, 120 [not C°] degree weather, and giant spiders in the middle of the Kuwaiti desert during the peak of the Iraq war. And no not that Desert Storm.

Three, survive the maelstrom. Escape the shackles of rigid military protocol and syntax in favor of an unfettered pursuit of knowledge in languages, and finally let your creative hair down.

Four, hone your skills and feed your globetrotting addiction with a tour in Francophone country and the Hispanosphere. Fall in love with pigs. Become a vegetarian.

Five, attend a prestigious 'Hogwarts school for international and language studies. Take 10 courses a day in translation localization management, where traveling, language and technology converge, again. Impress as the de facto MacGyver for projects drawing from your eclectic toolkit, your knowledge of what's fresh in the bizz, your tech smarts, and thinkin' outside -in.


Eréndira Sáenz

Eréndira not only brings 15 years of TI experience to the table, she moves in all the right circles, meeting the most amazing and knowledgeable people in the industry. Rubbing elbows with the best is what she does best.

She does translation and interpretation the best too. She cut her teeth doing TI in the world of fine wine while also moonlighting as a Sommelier. She's perfected her craft by diversifying her experience, having worked both in Education and Law as well. And it can be all fun and games to a serious scholar of multilingual communications when it involves volunteering her expertise at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. There is a fine line between business and pleasure when you love what you do. It kind of helps when you know you're good at it too.

You can find Erendira in her happy place, most days. She truly believes, as she describes, “...that finding that perfect reading spot, position, or companion is a gift from the universe.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage our translation, interpretation, IT, and localization expertise to work diligently to meet your multilingual needs to help you reach more clients worldwide and maximize your profit. We aim to empower local and international organizations, agencies, and individuals to reach their full potential through outstanding localization, interpretation and translation services with the help of our strong carefully selected team of vendors and collaborators.


Our Vission

We aspire to:

Become a partner to those in need of improving their global positioning, which will assist increasing their sales and gross profit.

By providing superior linguistic and L10n services to all our clients while remaining true to our core values, we strive to be a Language Service Provider that respects both its clients and collaborators equally.

Our dream is to have a very ecstatic team that produces the best products and services. To work side by side with our clients to help them grow in this globalized world. We want to help each one of our partners to be local globally.


Our Values

Who we are:

Innovation: think outside the box.

Commitment to clients: deliver on our promises.

Teamwork: collaboration and communication are key.

Balance: work hard, play hard.

Integrity: Be honest, open, ethical, and fair .

Diversity: Our differences are our strengths.

Passion: Love what you do, be committed in heart and mind.

Pay it Forward: not everything is about making money.


Why Us?

Here's Why

The peculiarity of Globally You stems from the fact that our senior management were once vendors. This has allowed us to have the deepest understanding of what both sides of the industry need. We are able to close the communication gap between all levels of management so that we are more efficient, our teams and collaborators have the support and tools they need, and our clients benefit from the results.

Our practices remain true to our values and respect our clients and collaborators while providing superb services and products of the utmost quality.